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5 FAQ's about Plastic Moving Boxes

Lindsay Curtis

Plastic Moving Boxes FAQs

When you first hear of plastic moving boxes, you’re bound to have several questions. Although we already have a comprehensive FAQ page for our prospective customers, we wanted to highlight some of the questions we’ve been asked most frequently, which may also be on your mind.

Why Should I Use Plastic Moving Boxes?

First off, they are super durable with easy-to-carry handles. Their durability ensures they can take up to 40-50lbs conveniently! In fact, it will take two times what its cardboard counterpart would, without the bottom falling off and damaging your items. Also, asides from durability, plastic moving boxes are waterproof.

If you’ve ever moved houses before, you’ll know moving can be chaotic. In the course of moving, water could spill, or it may begin to rain, and precious items such as documents and books packed in a conventional cardboard box could become damaged by water. You never have to worry about rain or water spillages with plastic moving boxes, as the boxes are made of plastic and come pre-installed with self-closing lids. You can find other numerous benefits of using plastic boxes here.

Are Plastic Moving Boxes Really Cheaper Than Conventional Cardboard Boxes?

Many people believe that conventional cardboard boxes are cheaper than plastic boxes. On the surface, it may seem like they are, but overall, they aren’t. First, you’ll need a lot more cardboard boxes to pack all your belongings than you would plastic boxes. Also, you have to spend time assembling cardboard moving boxes and taping their weak ends. Not to mention, the difficulty in cleaning them up properly if you’re using second-hand boxes.

On the other hand, for as low as $125, you can get 25 plastic moving boxes that would arrive at your home sanitized (completely free of bugs), pre-assembled, and not requiring tape. Lastly, conventional cardboard boxes could break loose while carrying them and, in the process, damage items packed in them and causing you to lose money. Using plastic moving boxes can help you save money by keeping your possessions safe. You can find more information on how using plastic moving boxes saves you money here.

How Many Plastic Boxes Do I Need?

Calculating how many boxes you need for all your belongings can be tricky. It depends on the square feet of your home, the total number of rooms and the number of people. However, from years of serving our clients’ moving needs, we can give you an estimated number of boxes that should conveniently pack your property. For a one-bedroom – 25 boxes, two-bedroom – 35 boxes, three-bedroom – 50 boxes, four-bedroom – 75 boxes and five-bedroom – 100 boxes. You can find a more in-depth analysis for calculating the number of boxes you need here.

Are Plastic Moving Boxes Environmentally Friendly?

Yes, they are. If you care about the environment and know you do— plastic moving boxes are the ideal moving boxes for you. Our plastic moving boxes are reused over a hundred times before they are sent off to recycling plants to be made into other items. For conventional cardboard boxes, this is not the case. Given their fragile nature, they cannot be reused more than three times before they get disposed of or recycled. You can find more about how plastic moving boxes are better for the environment here.

Can I Get Custom Size Plastic Boxes?

Whatever your moving needs are, there are plastic boxes of different sizes built to serve them. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving houses or offices –packing a wardrobe full of clothes or office files – as long as you’re packing your belonging for a move, there are boxes of various sizes to meet your needs. You can check out the different sizes of A Smart Move boxes here.

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