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5 Apps That Can Make Your Move Easier | A Smart Move | San Diego, CA

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5 Apps That Make Your Move a Breeze!

There is no denying that with the advent of technology, our lives have been simplified in many ways than one. Modern day technologies such as mobile phones and tablets have taken an important aspect in our everyday lives. With mobile phones, communication has been made a lot easier than conventional methods of communication. However, besides communication, it might surprise you to know that your mobile devices can also be used for other unusual tasks like health screening, metal detection and even moving between houses.

Top 5 Applications for Moving

Indeed, your mobile phone can be used for moving between homes. Certain applications in your phone’s application market make it easy to not only plan and execute your move but also everything in between quick. Some of the applications even go as far as choosing the best mover for you within your vicinity, thereby reducing the stress associated with finding a professional mover. Outlined below are 5 surprising apps which can make your move a breeze.


This is one of the top apps you can use when moving. It helps you find the right moving company around where you reside, as well as you to design your home inventory. Based on all the information you provide, Unpakt will then recommend a top mover for you and give you an estimated price to pay. The app can be used in several cities, in more than 35 states in the U.S.


moving app which can make your move a breeze. It works by allowing you to create a dedicated checklist that helps you organize in the best way possible. This app is free to use and is available on mobile platforms like Android and iOS. The app can also be accessed outside your phone, on your tablet and computer.

Move Advisor

If there is any moving application which offers you an intuitive and on a mobile phone, this is it. All it requires from you is information such as your moving date, moving execution method, and means of transportation.  After imputing all of these, the provides you with a customized weekly to-do-list which can guide your move.


With you can make an inventory of everything you have packed. This application comes in very handy for knowing exactly where each of your items is packed. Although it is free, has a premium version which provides you with more features like QR code label for your moving boxes, export lists to Dropbox, and many more.

Offer Up

Before you move to your new home, you will most likely need to get rid of some stuff you don’t need. However, finding what to do with these things can be exhausting, but with this app, it does not have to be so. you the opportunity to get rid of unwanted household items to local buyers. In a couple of seconds, you can list your items and begin selling.

Moving from one house to another can easily leave anyone stressed out. However, with applications like the ones mentioned above, you can make the entire process less exhausting. In addition, you should also order durable plastic moving boxes from A-Smart-Move, which will make packing your belonging easier. You can also call us 858-790-8349 for more information.


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