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6 Tips to Help You Relocate This Winter

Lindsay Curtis

6 Winter Moving Tips

6 Tips to Help You Relocate This Winter

When is the best time to move house? For many people, their answer would be summer, and it is so for obvious reasons – the nice weather, the holiday season, and so forth. However, if you’re considering moving during winter, you still can without much hassle. What’s more, moving during winter is less expensive than in the summer.

Understandably, one major concern you’ll have about a winter relocation is the colder temperatures. Nevertheless, your winter move can be as easy and seamless as moving in any other season. Here are some of the tips to help you relocate this winter:

1. Schedule A Moving Date

On what day would you like to move? Knowing the estimated move date would help you make better moving plans. With a move date in mind, you can begin to make arrangements for moving professionals and supplies such as A Smart Move plastic boxes and other essentials. Usually, these professionals and supplies are booked or bought ahead of time. You do not want to wait until it’s too late to get them.

2.   Factor in Possible Delays

You could wake up on the morning of the day you are supposed to move, and it could be raining or a drastic change in weather conditions. Whatever the nature of the delay, factoring them into your plan makes it less overwhelming. 

3.   Organize Your Stuff

Try as much as possible to have all your items and property organized neatly. One way to organize your items is to arrange them and label them accordingly in our Smart Move boxes. With this organization, settling down in your new home would be a lot easier as you can quickly access anything you want from the labels on the boxes. Plus, you’ll have less damaged, fragile items as those can be arranged separately and tagged fragile.

4.   Start Moving Early

Unlike in the summer, when there are extended hours of daylight, it starts to get dark earlier in the winter. Packing and moving in the dark can be unsafe for you, your items, and the movers. So, it’s pertinent that when moving in winter, you start early.

5.   Sort Out Your Utility Service

Call your utility service providers and have your utilities set up in your new home. You want to completely feel at home in your new home. It doesn’t matter that you just moved in. This is especially important because of the cold winter weather. After a long moving day, you want to retire to bed in a warm house where your heating system is functional.

6.   Dress in Appropriate Clothes and Shoes

Arrange very comfortable clothes for the day you’ll be moving. Ideally, you should wear clothes in layers first, to shield you from cold. Then, be able to take them off easily when you start to sweat as a result of the energy you exert in moving boxes and items around. Your shoes should also protect your feet from cold while having enough grip to prevent you from slipping.

Want to move your belongings safely with zero risks of damage by the winter weather? Order A Smart Move boxes or call us on 858-790-8394 today!



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