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We Have Made A-Smart-Move to Help You Transition to Your New Home Easily

The type of boxes you use when moving between homes can either ensure a smooth move or further complicate it. Although there are various kinds of moving boxes out there, none of them can compare to the benefits A-Smart-Move plastic moving boxes offer. At A-Smart-Move, we provide plastic boxes which are more durable than regular cardboard boxes, and are of superior quality than most plastic boxes out there.

Our high-quality plastic moving boxes are guaranteed to securely accommodate your household possessions, and are also weatherproof; which means that no matter the weather condition at the time of your move, your items will be safe. Also, they are easy to carry, without causing you undue strain and easy to stack atop one another to make for more room in the moving truck.

However, in line with our commitment to provide you with effective moving solutions, we are pleased to announce our partnership with Silver Linings Transitions, to make your move smarter, faster, and easier than ever. Silver Lining Transitions is a great company that helps you plan and execute your move.

When you hire Silver Linings Transitions for your move, you can go about the rest of your day rest assured that all your belongings will be appropriately packed in durable, A-Smart-Move boxes, and your move will be completed right on schedule. In addition to helping you pack and unpack, Silver Linings Transitions also ensures that your new home is perfectly set up, with all the rooms ready-to-use in record time.

Our partnership with the amazing Silver Linings Transitions team has even started yielding very great results. One of such results is evidenced in the testimony of given by Jami Shapiro, the CEO of Silver Linings Transitions, who said, “using the boxes from A-Smart-Move really cut down our time with clients. We were able to pack and unpack in record time, and we loved that they were so eco-friendly.”

Dawn, who is the Site Manager, also shared similar sentiments with the plastic moving boxes, saying the fact that the boxes did not require assembling and disassembling was a game changer. She also expressed delight in the bonus features that come with the boxes, like the self-closing lid and easy carry handles.

Our CEO, Lindsay Curtis is very happy with this partnership and promises to work hand-in-hand with Silver Linings Transitions, to help relieve some of the chaos associated with moving.

Having the right moving boxes on one hand, and a service that helps with packing, unpacking, and other moving services on the other hand, is a partnership which promises home movers great rewards. Therefore, you should jump on the “A-Smart-Move/Silver Linings Transitions Train” to enjoy an all-inclusive moving package.


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