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Bubble Wrap vs. Packing Paper | A Smart Move | San Diego, CA

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Bubble Wrap vs Packing Paper

A Smart Move Analysis

Besides moving boxes, there are two frequently overlooked items, which ensure the safety of your fragile belongings, when packing for a move. These important items are bubble wrap and packing paper. However, most often, people just choose to use any one of the two, because it is thought that they serve the same purpose.

The fact though is that there are certain features which make either of them the better option for packing particular items. Therefore, before picking one of them to pack your fragile items for your move, you should understand what they are best suited for packing.


Packing paper is the most preferred option when it comes to protecting the surfaces of fragile items such as mirrors, picture frames, and dishes. This is because it takes up way less space than bubble wrap and it requires less to protect fragile items. Also, packing paper makes it possible for you to stack items like dishes atop one another after wrapping, thereby saving you space in your plastic moving box.

However, bubble wrap can still be placed inside your moving box to provide extra protection after your items have been wrapped with packing paper. Doing this will ensure that your items withstand the rigors of transportation.

Large Items

The best way to secure large items when moving is by using bubble wrap. Between bubble wrap and packing paper, the former offers heavy duty protection for items like lamps, bookcases and so on. When items such as these are packed using bubble wrap, they are safe from impact damage, making it the best option for large items. Packing paper should not be used for large items because it does not have the required weight to protect them. In addition to this, it would also take you a lot of time to pack large items using packing paper.

Small Items

Packing paper is your best bet for packing small, lightweight items. Lightweight items like dishes & plates, table tops, furniture pieces, wood finishes and many more can easily be protected by packing paper. Also, because lightweight items such as these are so many, packing paper would be the best cost-saving measure for you. Although bubble wrap can equally protect these items, not only would it be unnecessary to make use of them but also very costly. So, if you are trying to save costs when moving, ensure you use packing paper for small, lightweight items.


The safest way to pack your electronics for a move is to use bubble wrap. If you use packing paper to pack electronics like microwave, toaster, television, stereo system and so on, their sharp corners and plugs can easily tear the packing paper which can undo the protection. On the other hand, when you use bubble wrap, the sharp corners and plugs will find it tough to puncture the air-filled plastic protection. However, packing paper can still be used to pack smaller appliances together, before protecting them using bubble wrap.

In summary, there is no better option between bubble wrap and packing paper when protecting items. Rather, based on the item to be protected, one may be more preferable than the other.

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