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How Many Plastic Boxes Do You Need? | A Smart Move | San Diego

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Your Perfect Moving Box Calculator

Plastic moving boxes are one of the most important moving supplies you can get for your move. They are the perfect utility to not just accommodate your belongings but also ensure that they arrive safely. However, before you go ahead to rent plastic moving boxes for your move, it is important that you know how many you will need. Although it is a little difficult to get the exact number of moving boxes your move will require, the following are guidelines which can help you.

Total Number of Rooms

The first thing you need to consider when renting moving boxes for your move is to know how many rooms you are packing for. Have in mind that the more rooms you have the more moving boxes you will require. Therefore, a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment will require fewer boxes than 3 or 4 bedroom apartments. Thus, a studio apartment will require about 25 to 35 plastic moving boxes. On the other hand, a 3-bedroom home will require 50 boxes, while a 4 bedroom home will require about 75 boxes.

Square Feet

Another way to accurately determine how many moving boxes you will need for your move is by calculating the total number square feet in the house/apartment to be moved. Based on the amount of square footage you arrive at, there are a corresponding number of boxes required. For instance, if your house is less than 1000 sqft, you will require at least 25 boxes. For houses between 1000 - 1500 sqft, the ideal number of boxes would be 50 and 1500-2500 sq ft, you would be looking at 75 -100 boxes.

Total Number of People

You should also factor the number of people in the house to be moved when renting moving boxes. It is very possible for a small house to require more boxes than a big house, especially if there are more people living in the small house. Therefore, it is important to never underestimate this factor when renting moving boxes.

The general formula to follow for a house with 2 people living in it is 25 boxes, 3 people 35, 4- 5 people, we recommend 50 - 75 boxes .

If you follow these few guidelines, you should be able to arrive at a fairly accurate number of boxes you will require for your move. You can order for A-Smart-Move’s quality plastic moving boxes, which holds 2x more items than cardboard boxes, and can carry up to 50lbs of your belongings. If you need help deciding the accurate number of boxes you’ll need for your move, you can call 858-790-8394.


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