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Top 3 Tips For Choosing the Right Moving Company

Hiring a moving company helps to take out some of the stress and anxiety associated with moving. Apart from alleviating some of the stress involved in the process, the right moving company also comes with many other benefits, such as helping you plan, ensuring your belongings are safe and insured, providing the right equipment, preventing you from heavy lifting, saving you time and money and many others.

When hiring a moving company, it is important that you get recommendations from family and friends to have a list of moving companies to choose from. This will help relieve you of the stress of starting from scratch and saves you a lot of time. Outlined below are other top tips which can help you in choosing the right moving company.

1. Perform an Initial Screening

After getting a list of recommendations, go online and do background checks on them. You can also call them on their business line or visit their website to make inquiries and find out more about them. Also, check with the Better Business Bureau to find out if a particular moving company is a registered member. Registered members are more professional and customer-oriented because they have agreed to abide by the organization’s published rules and also participate in its arbitration program. Check online for feedbacks and screen out companies with the least number of positive reviews. This will help streamline your recommendation list.

2. Request for an Estimate

Ask for a written binding estimate or a binding not-to-exceed estimate from companies on your list. These estimates will put a cap on the total amount you get charged for moving. Non-binding estimates are legal if they are given to you free of charge, but bear in mind that the final cost may be more than the estimate. Reputable moving companies will perform thorough inventory taking of your belongings to determine the bulk and weight of your move. Avoid companies that give you an estimate without taking inventory of your possessions or one that does a shabby job of it. The estimator should thoroughly check all your storage spaces such as cupboards, bookcases, garages, and drawers. A large chunk of the mover’s price will be based on the weight of your possessions, as well as the amount of space it takes up in the moving truck, so it is necessary that they perform a thorough inventory taking.

3. Compare Bids

Collect the estimates from various moving companies and compare bids. Be wary of companies that have much lower bids than the others. Examine the proposals with higher costs and determine the source of the extra costs. If there is anything you are confused about regarding the estimates, call them and ask questions. Also, you do not necessarily have to go with whatever bids given to you. If there is a company you fancy, do not be afraid to negotiate and get the best possible rate. Moving companies have a lot of competition out there, so most movers will want to work with you on pricing.

After you have chosen the right moving company, you will be needing plastic moving boxes, which offer more benefits than paper boxes, for packing all of your possessions. At A SMART MOVE, we offer the highest-quality plastic moving boxes for rent at affordable prices.

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