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How to Get Moving Boxes During COVID-19 While Keeping Socially Distant

Lindsay Curtis

How To Keep Social Distancing If You Are Moving During Covid

How to Maintain Social Distancing When Moving

With all the sensitization about the need to maintain social distance today, how can you get moving boxes at a time like this? The simple answer is, A SMART MOVE! At ASM, we have put in place strict measures to ensure everyone involved in your moving process is safe. These measures we’ve adopted include maintaining social distances and providing masks for all staff members. Our plastic boxes arrive at your doorstep, already assembled, cleaned, and thoroughly disinfected. Below, we’ll share with you how you can get your moving boxes while maintaining social distance:


Book ASM Boxes Online


To cut out unnecessary physical contact, we have provisions that can help you book our boxes online. With this process, you do not risk unnecessary exposure. Simply visit our order page here to get started.


What Do You Need to Book Moving Boxes Online?


There are no special requirements for booking our boxes. All we need from you is some basic details that can help us serve you better. Here’s all the information we would need to have your order booked:

Delivery Details: This would tell us everything we need to know about delivering your order. You would be required to fill in the date you want your boxes delivered and your preferred time of the day to have the boxes delivered.

Package Selection: Everyone has different needs. There’s no one size fits all when it comes to packing, you know your belongings and how many boxes you need to take them. Every package gives you a different number of packing boxes, can be anywhere from 25 to 100+ boxes and all the supplies like bubble wrap, packing paper, mattress and sofa covers as well as wardrobe boxes and laundry bags.

Rental Duration: We would want to know how long you want to rent our boxes. The duration can be anything from one week to four weeks+.

Personal Information: You would be required to fill out some personal information such as your name, phone number, email address, current address, and your new address.

Payment: Once you’ve filled out your order application, the last thing you would do is seal the deal by committing financially. You can pay for our service online.


After Payment, How Would I Get My Moving Boxes?


We would have your boxes delivered to your property. You do not have to meet our representatives for a handshake. Deliveries are contactless, boxes arrive on dollies, and all you have to do is wheel them over into your apartment without contact with our staff. Our staff would be wearing sterile gloves, so you don’t have to worry about contact with the boxes or dollies. All orders get supplied with labels to mark up each box with it contents and zip ties for added security.


After Moving, How Do I Return the Rented Boxes?


Easy. When your rental period is up - we come to pick them up at your new address. You would only have to wheel them over outside your home. This way, our rep doesn’t have to be inside your home or share any physical contact with you.


When Can I Book for Boxes and How Long Would It Take to Get Them?


To get your boxes first thing tomorrow, book now!

Remember, using ASM plastic moving boxes helps you to move safely by reducing your risk of exposure to the coronavirus disease. For more information, you can contact us or call 858-790-8394!


Proudly serving the Solana Beach and surrounding areas, A Smart Move is your number one moving supply specialist!

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