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How to Move Safely During COVID

Lindsay Curtis

How To Move Safely During Covid

How to Move Safely During COVID-19

Moving house amid a global pandemic is a daunting prospect, and many people would choose to wait it out. Unfortunately, some people do not have the luxury to wait out COVID-19 before they move out. Maintaining the highest possible safety level while moving out would be a top priority if you are one of those people.

Due to how infectious Coronavirus is, health professionals are stressing the need to maintain social distance to prevent getting infected. So, the question that now plagues you is, how do you maintain social distance and avoid contact with commonly touched surfaces on a day as busy as moving day?


5 Tips To Help You Move Safely During A Pandemic

To help with your goal of moving safely despite the COVID-19 situation and avoiding mistakes, here are some tips to help you with your move.


1. Hold Off Moving If You Are Sick

Perhaps, this is the most crucial measure you have to take to keep you and everyone involved in your moving out safe. If you’ve been recently sick with COVID-19 symptoms or exposed to an infected person, do not move! To squash COVID-19, all hands must be on deck, with you protecting yourself and extending the courtesy to others. After tests have been done and you’ve been proven to be free of the infection, you can go ahead with your moving plans. 

2. Use Clean Sanitized Boxes

Before now, people used cardboard boxes in packing items when they are set to move out. With the present situation of things, cardboard boxes are not very safe.  As they are essentially made with paper material, they cannot be disinfected, and coronaviruses can survive on them for up to 24 hours.

To be safe, you can rent ASM’s sanitized plastic boxes to pack your items. The boxes are rested for up to seven days in between every use and thoroughly cleaned with medical grade wipes. More so, they can be delivered to your doorstep without contact between you and the company representative.  

3. Provide Sanitizers and Protective Materials

On the day you are to move out, make provisions for soap, water, and a handwashing basin. Everyone involved in the moving process should wash their hands before they get started, intermittently, and after they are done. If you can’t make provisions for soap and water, hand sanitizers would suffice; get enough of them.

Additionally, washing and sanitizing of hands shouldn’t be done only at the house you are moving from. You should also make provisions for them at your new place so, you do not infect it unwittingly.  Furthermore, make provisions for protective wear such as face masks and gloves, to keep exposure to the infection to the barest minimum.

4. Choose A Moving Strategy with Minimal Contact

How do you intend to move? With this pandemic still in full swing, you can’t afford to choose a moving method that has too many people involved. You can choose to rent ASM boxes with contactless deliveries and dollies to pack your items, and then move on your own with your car or by renting a disinfected moving van.

If you decide on using a moving company, you have to ensure they have safety measures to keep everyone safe. You should ask questions about their protection protocols: Do they maintain social distancing? Do all their staff wear masks? Have they had any COVD-19 cases? If yes, what measures did they take?

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