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How to Pack Liquids for Moving | A Smart Move | San Diego, CA

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Top Tips to Packing Liquids Without Spills when Moving!

Most moving companies frown upon packing liquids when moving, because of the inherent dangers packed liquids in a constantly shifting vehicle can cause. However, due to sentimental value or necessity, movers still carry along certain liquids when moving. If you need to pack some liquids during your move, it is necessary for you to learn how to properly pack them for moving without spills, as a spilled container can cause damage to other items or possessions being moved.

Before you pack liquids for moving, first check with your moving company to make sure that the liquids you want to pack are not prohibited by them. Some of the prohibited liquids include aerosol cans, lighter fluid, fertilizers, kerosene, pesticides ammonia, bleach, nail polish/remover, rubbing alcohol and poisons. If you had planned on moving with any of these liquids, it would be safe to dispose of them or give them to people who need for them before .

For liquid items not on the prohibited list, outlined below are the safest and most secure ways to pack them for moving without any spills.

  • Before packing any liquids, make sure that the lids on their containers are tightly shut. You can also apply a piece of tape over the top of the container to prevent it from spilling. As an extra measure, you can choose to remove the top of each liquid container, seal the opening with a plastic wrap, return the top back on the container and then fasten a piece of tape over the top.
  • After securing the lid of the liquid container, place it in a re-sealable zipper or plastic storage bag. To save costs, you can place several containers into each plastic bag, but ensure that they sit upright when in it. Seal the bag tightly shut. If the zipper is loose, get another bag or simply place a piece of tape along the opening to the bag.
  • Next, set the sealed storage bags containing the liquid upright in the box, keeping them as close as possible to each other. If there are empty spaces inside the box containing the liquids, fill them up with old newspapers or towels.
  • Close the lids the box shut and label it clearly with bold arrows and the words “LIQUIDS -­ THIS END UP! Also, include any other important identifying information such as “Drinks” or “Cleaning Supplies,” Doing this will alert your movers that; it is a box containing liquids, as well as which end of the box to be placed on the foot of the moving truck.

The above mentioned are safe and secure ways to not just prevent spills, but also guarantee the safety of your other belongings. However, in addition to these, you should use plastic moving boxes rather than cardboard boxes to pack liquids – and other belongings, for your move. With plastic boxes, which are more durable than cardboard boxes, you can limit the risk of a spill that could damage your other possessions or worse, cause a dangerous accident.

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