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How To Reduce Stress When Moving

Lindsay Curtis

How To Reduce Stress When Moving

Moving to a new house can be very exciting – the beautiful decoration, better amenities, new neighborhood, and more. But, once the initial excitement is over, you may begin to feel anxious and worried over the activities involved. Moving takes a lot in planning and execution that could become stressful, and add some wrinkle lines to your face if you are not careful.

So, do you procrastinate and continue to shift your move date to avoid the stress? Absolutely not! Not when you can use these packing hacks and the following tips to help you reduce the stress of moving.

7 Tips to Reduce The Stress of Moving

1. Psych Yourself Up

First things first, get your mind up to speed. You are moving, and you have to mentally accept it and its accompanying stress. Prepare your mind for the stress of the coming weeks of packing and moving. With this, your body will handle the stress better. You can psych yourself up by giving yourself pep talks about how it’s just a relocation or thinking of all the exciting features of your new home.

2. Ask For Help

You are not superhuman! If you try doing all the packing yourself, you will be setting yourself up to age prematurely. Ask for help, even if it’s paid for, like in the case of professional movers. Ask family and friends to help you clear out your garage, storage, and rooms. With people helping out, moving can go from stressful to fun-filled!

3. Have a Plan

Do not dive into the pool of moving, head first. Come up with a strategic plan. A plan that will help you envision your moving goal. You can make it into a checklist with dates to do each item. Your plan should include when you’d start packing, where you’d start packing and how long you’ll spend on each section, what professionals to hire and when to book them, and friends to enlist for help.

4. Clear Your Schedule

Many people get stressed out when moving because they are still tied up with other engagements. So, they have to be at work or school in the morning, return at night weary, and still try to pack; this can be exhausting! If you can, it’s best you clear up your schedule, take a break from work, and focus solely on moving.

5. Start Packing Early

If you start packing early, there would hardly be any last-minute surprises. You shouldn’t wait until the two days to the day you are moving to start organizing and packing your things. An early start will ensure you do things in little bits that wouldn’t cause you to stress too much. You can order A Smart Move boxes more than a week before you move to get started early.

6. Protect Your Valuables        

Ever lost something valuable? How did that make you feel? We can tell your heart rate ran riot. You definitely do not want your heart rate to increase because you are unsure about your valuables’ safety. So, keep your jewelry, certificates, important documents, and whatever else you consider valuable close to you. You can pack them in boxes, lock them, and wear the keys around your neck, waist or wrists.

7. Get Some Sleep

We can’t emphasize this enough. You need your sleep; get it! Do not be so engrossed with moving that you forget to sleep. Do all your packing in the day, sleep at night. Your body will be thankful for the rest.

In conclusion, you don’t have to go through undue stress when moving. With these moving tips, as well as leveraging smart moving options, such as using A Smart Move plastic boxes for packing, your move can be less stressful. So, go ahead and order A Smart Move Box or call us on 858-790-8394 today!

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