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How to Save Money If You Are Moving During COVID-19

Lindsay Curtis

How To Save Money Moving During Covid

How To Save Money Moving During COVID-19

Moving houses is not only hectic, but it’s also expensive. In times of crisis such as we are experiencing with the COVID-19 pandemic, the cost of moving maybe even higher. The world is just beginning to open up after shutting down for months, and many people are cash-strapped. The combination of being low on funds and still having to move houses is precarious.

5 Tips To Reduce Moving Costs During The Coronavirus Pandemic

We fully understand the need to save costs and spend less however you can. So, we’ve come up with the following tips to help you save money when moving during this crisis.

1. Be Proactive

Being proactive is the first step to saving money when moving. Being proactive involves thinking and planning weeks or months before you move. This will save you costs that will come in the form of surprise last-minute changes as you would have anticipated such and prepared accordingly.

2. Declutter Your Space

Let’s face it. You have a lot of items you’ve not used in recent times. In fact, you may never use them again, but for sentimental reasons, you want to move them with you to your new place; don’t! To save money, you should declutter your space. Decluttering would reduce the number of things you want to pack and cut back the time you’ll spend packing.

If you are using a packing service, decluttering will save you money as the company will spend lesser time packing. Furthermore, you can sell off fairly used items and deploy the money gained for other needs. You could donate the things you no longer need and claim a tax deduction for it, how cool is that?

3. Disassemble Larger Items and Furniture

For big furniture sets such as beds, dressers, and tables, you can save money by disassembling them yourself before the movers come in. A removal company will typically charge you based on how much time they spend packing your properties. If you fail to disassemble larger items, they will spend time doing that, which would cost you more.

4. Rule Out Unnecessary Services

After securing a new property—which never comes cheaply—the last thing you want to do is spend more money on unnecessary services. For instance, instead of hiring a packing service, you can pack your belongings yourself to save money since you have more time on your hands. Plus, moving at a time when maintaining social distance is advised, you want to open your doors to as few people as possible.

5. Choose Plastic Moving Boxes

Cardboard boxes are so stressful to use. Aside from the fact that the bottom could give out, breaking and damaging items you’ve packed in them, building and breaking them before and after use is a real pain. To mention nothing of storing them or even disposing of them. You can cut out all of that hassle by choosing plastic moving boxes.

On the other hand, plastic moving boxes are more durable and can carry twice the weight that cardboard boxes can hold. Unlike cardboard boxes, you do not need to assemble plastic moving boxes. This saves you time with the movers, which translates to more cost savings.

You can rent ASM’s sanitized plastic moving boxes, with free delivery and after-use pickup for as low as $125, where you would have spent over $140 on cardboard boxes. Place an order now or call us on 858-790-8394 for more information


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