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How Using Plastic Boxes Vs. Cardboard Boxes Saves You Money

Lindsay Curtis

How Using Plastic Boxes Saves You Money

How Using Plastic Boxes Saves You Money

“Why plastic boxes? Why switch from the cardboard boxes I’ve known all my life?”

Well, here’s the thing; there is always a better solution to every problem. And, plastic packing boxes are definitely a more excellent choice. They have many benefits, which can help you save money. Here’s how:


The first difference between a plastic box and cardboard is the material with which they are made. The materials they are made with, speak directly of the strength of these boxes. While a cardboard box is usually made up of paper, a plastic box is made with recycled PVC, PET, or Polypropylene; this means they are stronger. How then does a sturdy box help me save money?

Well, you would need two cardboard boxes to hold the weight of what one plastic box of the same size can hold conveniently. Not to mention, when packing, there are times when the bottom of cardboard boxes give way, damaging your items. If these items are important items like glass Tupperware or electronic appliances, you’ll certainly be needing replacements. Thus, by mitigating damages, plastic moving boxes invariably help you save money.

Cost of Obtaining Boxes

Getting cardboard boxes and tapes do not come for free. On average, the cost of buying cardboard boxes and tapes is about $141.27. Buying them now does not guarantee they would be reliable enough for a second use, and this is as good as water under the drain. For twenty-five ASM plastic boxes, you’ll spend $125; this is $16.27 lesser than what is obtainable for the same number of cardboard boxes. Plus, you’ll get free delivery and pick up of the boxes if you are within San Diego.

Time Consumption

Time is money, and saving it can increase your happiness. If this isn’t your first time packing, then you know this statement holds true, and you also know getting cardboard packing boxes is draining! When you are fortunate to get cardboard boxes, you also have to build them up before packing, break them down after you move in, and figure out how to dispose of them.

The more time you spend on getting cardboard boxes and setting them up, the more money you would be losing. At the very least, you could spend up to four hours of productive time figuring out how to get cardboards and set them up.

With ASM plastic boxes, however, you can get your plastic moving boxes in five (5) minutes. The boxes do not need to be assembled; neither do they need tapes as they come with lids. What’s more, you don’t have to think about what to do with them afterward, as we would pick them up after you unpack.

Ultimately, using ASM’s rented plastic boxes would save you extra money that would have been the charges of movers. If movers charge $50/hour, every hour cut back by the smartness of plastic boxes, is money in your pocket. Place an Order at A-Smart-Move today for high-quality moving boxes or call us on 858-790-8349 if you need more information.


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