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Hiring Movers vs. DIY Moving | A Smart Move | San Diego, CA

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Hiring Movers vs. DIY Moving

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Moving houses is a very challenging task to accomplish successfully. The main reason why, is that you will encounter several tough decisions, which can complicate your move if you make a mistake. One of the decisions you are going to face will be whether to carry out your move yourself or hire a professional mover.

For this reason, many people moving are left completely overwhelmed just thinking about it. However, making this decision does not necessarily have to leave you at a loss. All you need do, to make the right choice, is weigh both the pros and cons to figure out which option suits you best. To help you decide on the best moving method, we have compiled some of the pros and cons of both options.


Moving Yourself


  •             One of the greatest advantages of moving yourself is that you have total control of the move. This means that you can work with whatever timing suits you best, as well as other details such as the types of boxes to use, what truck to rent, and how you want certain items packed.
  •             Moving yourself is probably your best option if you are on a tight budget. The highest cost you are likely to spend when you move by yourself is probably going to be the cost of the truck, which is a lot cheaper than the alternative.


  •             One of the downsides to moving yourself is the time it might take to complete the move. You alone will be responsible for overseeing the entire move, which will definitely take a lot more time than hiring movers.
  •             You can suffer moving accidents when you move by yourself. You will also be doing a lot of heavy lifting, which can directly impact the health of your spine/back or knees!
  •             If you damage any of your properties when moving, you bear the sole cost of replacing it. Even if you have household insurance, you will still bear the cost, as most insurance policies do not cover goods in transit.

    Hiring Movers


    •             Professional movers are equipped with all the necessary moving equipment, to make your move as easy and stress-free as possible. They know how all household items need to be packed to avoid damage to them.
    •             When you hire movers, you do not have to lift anything at all, if you do not want to. Issues such as strained muscles or broken backs will never arise when you hire them.


    •             Hiring movers is an expensive way to move. If you do not have at least a couple hundreds of dollars, then this option might not be for you.
    •             When your move is carried out by movers, you risk the chance of filling your home with clutter because they do not spring clean your possessions before boxing them up.
    •            You may lose sentimental items when you hire movers. Although they have insurance for such scenarios, no amount of money will be able to bring lost items passed over several generations.

    There you have it; the pros and cons of moving yourself or hiring movers, so you can now make the right decision that suits you. Whatever choice you pick, always remember that the ultimate goal is to ensure the smoothest and most efficient move possible.

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