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Using Plastic Boxes for your Office Move | A Smart Move | San Diego

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Our Top 5 Reasons to Use A Smart Move Plasting Moving Boxes

One of the many decisions you will have to make when moving your office is the choice of moving boxes to use. Cardboard boxes and plastic moving boxes are two of the popular options for packing office items when moving between office spaces. However, because an office move involves packing mountains of papers, files, and office equipment, it is best to avoid cardboard boxes. This is because cardboard boxes are very messy and will require so many to complete your office move. On the other hand, reusable plastic moving boxes offer several benefits, and due to the following reasons, outlined below, will be the better choice for your office move.

1. Saves Time

You can save a lot of time when you use plastic boxes for your office move. Unlike cardboard boxes, plastic moving boxes do not require any setup or assembly, nor do they require sealing or taping after they are loaded. Employees can use the time saved from trying to assemble cardboard boxes for other important moving tasks. Also, after the move, you are not burdened with the task of disposing of them, as they can be arranged and neatly stacked in your office store or returned to the rental company.

2. Prevents Work Injuries

Another reason why you should use plastic moving boxes when moving from one office space to another is that they help prevent injuries. Plastic moving boxes when loaded are easy to carry by employees, thereby preventing back pain or injury. The boxes are designed with handles on their sides, thereby making it easy to lift. With other alternatives such as cardboard boxes, the risk of muscle strain, back injury and so on is present because they are not properly designed.

3. Efficient

Plastic moving boxes are the most efficient way to move out of your office. With plastic boxes, you can pack valuable documents in containers and be assured that no harm or damage will come to them. For instance, water damage to these important documents is nearly impossible when they are packed in plastic boxes. Also, plastic boxes make it possible to stack office equipment without the fear of destroying the boxes or the equipment.

4. Safe

Another major benefit of using plastic moving boxes for your office move is the safety it provides for your most important documents. Unlike cardboard boxes and other means of packing items, plastic moving boxes can be zip tied and locked up when in transit. By locking the plastic moving boxes containing important documents, you can be sure that no one tampered with your documents when they arrive at their destination. In fact, plastic moving boxes can be used as a temporary personal safe.

5. Reduces Waste

If you hope to move into your new office space with less junk then you should use plastic boxes to execute your move. Plastic boxes help eliminate all the waste that is typically associated with cardboard boxes, and most of the other packing method options. Also, plastic moving boxes can be used many times over, so you do not have to buy new boxes for your next move. They can also be rented whenever you need them, giving you real value for your money.

When you execute your office move with plastic moving boxes, you stand to enjoy these benefits and many more. Therefore, you should consider plastic boxes above other packing means for your next office move. A-Smart-Move offers quality and affordable plastic moving boxes for office moves. You can place an order here, or call us on 858-790-8394 for more information.


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