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5 Top Tips to Help You Unpack After Moving

Unpacking is the final stage of the moving process, and many people enjoy it, so they take their time in doing it. However, unpacking for many is as challenging for them as struggling not to make mistakes when packing, and they sometimes need help with it. If you are one of such people, and the mere thought of sorting through giant mountains of moving boxes is stressing you, then this article can help you figure out the best way to unpack.

To prevent you from feeling lost and overwhelmed by all of your possessions, it is necessary to have a plan first before you begin unpacking. The plan will help keep you organized and tidy, and also save you a lot of time. We’ve outlined some more simple and easy steps to help you unpack after moving.

1. Essentials Box

The first thing to do when unpacking is to unpack your essentials box. The essentials box gives you enough time to recover from the stress of moving by providing you with the bare necessities you would need. It is usually kept somewhere in the truck where it can easily be accessed or with you in your car. It is important to unpack this box first because, without it, you would spend countless hours trying to settle in. Items such as toilet paper, tape, pens & cleaning equipment would be in this box.

2. Bedrooms

Next, set by putting the beds together and unpacking the linens for each of the bedrooms. Setting the bedroom up will prepare you for your first night in your new home after such a stressful move, especially if you want to sleep in a familiar and comfortable bed. Other bedroom fixtures and organization can come after you have settled in .

3. Kitchen

After recovering from the stress of moving, the first point of call is to unpack the kitchen. This should be relatively easy if you labeled your moving boxes properly. Begin by arranging pots, pans, plates, and cutlery in the cupboard first, then proceed to sort out the major appliances. Connect major appliances like microwave, kettle, toaster, etc. make life in your new home a lot easier until you have settled fully. You can leave the organization of the kitchen until after the house has been completely unpacked.

4. Bathrooms

Unpack the bathroom next. If you have a cabinet already fixed in there for you, you can unpack and arrange things like toothbrushes, soaps, medication, body lotion, etc. You can also hang your shower curtains and body towels, so you can easily lay your hands on them. Otherwise, you will have to manage the bathroom without the curtains until you are settled in.

5. Furniture

Unpack the furniture after all other boxes, such as the ones listed above, have been sorted. Arranging your furniture should be easy and straightforward if you have the plans your new home. Construct a plan first before unpacking your furniture because it is one of the largest items to unpack and can easily overwhelm you. Assemble furniture only when you have determined where it will be placed.

Although these steps can help you unpack quickly, it may take you anything from a couple of days to weeks, to completely unpack all your boxes and settle in fully. Therefore, to ensure that your possessions remain safe, you should pack your possessions in plastic moving boxes, which are more durable and weather than cardboard boxes. If you are moving to a new property in San Diego, you can easily rent high-quality plastic moving boxes at affordable prices at A SMART MOVE.

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