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Lindsay Curtis

The Pros and Cons of Professional Packers

One of the many questions you are going to get faced with when moving is whether you should pack your belongings yourself or hire professionals to help you pack. Although, due to several factors choosing to hire professional packers may seem like the best option. However, based on your needs at the time, this may not necessarily be right for you. Therefore, it is important that you weigh the pros and cons of hiring professional packers, in order to determine if you should take this route. To help you with your decision, outlined below are some of the pros & cons of hiring professional packers.

Pros of Hiring Professional Packers

Little to No Stress

One of the greatest advantages of hiring professional packers for your move is the amount of stress it takes off your hands. When you hire professional packers, they take the stress of packing yourself, leaving you well-rested and stress-free at the end of the move.

Availability of Moving Supplies

Another advantage of hiring professional packers when moving is that you do not have to provide packing supplies for the move. Professional packers usually come with packing supplies like plastic moving boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape and so on, to make packing easier.

Highly Efficient

When professional packers help you pack your belongings for a move, they do so in a very efficient manner because they are trained in the art of packing. This means that you can rest assured knowing that your belongings will be properly boxed up and packed without any damage to them.

Saves Time

Compared to when you do it yourself, professional packers can pack your entire belongings in less time than it would take you. The time saved, which can be used for other activities such as cleaning, decluttering or tending to the kids which is yet another advantage of hiring professional packers.

Cons of Professional Packers


Hiring professional packers adds to the expense of moving, making your move expensive. In fact, because of the amount it costs to hire packers, most people would rather pack themselves instead of parting away with their hard earned money. The cost to hire professional packers may even go further up if youโ€™re moving long distance.

Less Control

When you hire professional packers to help you pack for a move, you have little to no say in how you want your items to be packed. This means that they only will be responsible in deciding the manner in which your items are packed, as well as what items go into what boxes.


Allowing professional packers to pack your belongings for a move can be very invasive. If you are protective of your privacy, this may not be the right option for you. This is because the packers are strangers, who will need to go through all your belongings including private items, in order to complete the job.

Now that you have both the advantages and disadvantages of hiring professional packers, you should be able to determine if they are right for you. If you decide to hire a professional packer, instead of packing yourself, hire one that offers exceptional service, such as Silver Lining Transitions. Also, ensure that they use durable plastic moving boxes and high-quality packing materials ordered from a reputable supplier like A-Smart-Move. If you need more information, you can call us on 858-790-8394.


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