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How to Pack Your Kitchen like a Pro | A Smart Move | San Diego, CA

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Top 5 Tips for Packing Your Kitchen Like a Pro

When moving, a lot of people tend to leave out the kitchen for last because it is the part of the house which involves the most work. Even if you are the most organized person, packing your kitchen for your move will require a great deal of your concentration and time. What’s more, you may end up with a lot of broken dishes and glasses in your new home, if you do not know how to pack your kitchen properly. Therefore, it is important to learn how professional movers pack kitchens, to prevent you from losing precious kitchen fixtures.

The Step-By-Step Guide to Packing Your Kitchen for a Move

This ultimate step-by-step guide outlines how to pack all the items in your kitchen like a pro, and ensure that all your kitchen tools and equipment it safely to your new home.

1. Packing Dinnerware

These are one of the most fragile items you will find in your kitchen. will need to take special care when packing them. Before you put your dinnerware into moving boxes, place bubble wrap/packing paper at the bottom of the box; to cushion them from any gravitational impact. You can then begin by individually wrapping each item with paper/bubble wrap before placing them in the box.

2. Packing Silverware

Silverware like spoons, table knives and forks can damage fragile items if they are packed in the same box. Therefore, you will need to get a smaller box to put them in, before placing them in the moving box. To make it easy for you, sort your silverware according to type/size and tie them up with a rubber band or tape.  After sorting them into type/size, you can then place them into small boxes, like a shoebox, and tape shut it to prevent any spill.

3. Packing Appliances

A great way to pack kitchen appliances like microwave, dishwasher, toaster, etc. to place them in their original boxes. However, if you do not have those, you will need to get plastic moving boxes, big enough to house them. When packing kitchen appliances, remove and place all loose parts a separate box, yet keep the cords together for each item, to prevent them from loss/damage while in transit. Also, remember to label each box and avoid placing heavy items on boxes containing kitchen appliances.

4. Packing Pots & Pans

An easy trick to pack your pots and pans is to place them into one another, starting with the smallest, until they are all arranged. You can decide to arrange them in threes or fours so that they can sit comfortably in the moving box. For their covers, simply place them beside the pots, inside the box. If you have glass covers, wrap them up before placing them inside.

5. Packing Foodstuff

This is the best time to do away with spoilt or expired food items. Pack only those items which can withstand the trip to your new house, and avoid packing perishable foods. If you have dry foodstuff, you can place them in plastic bags for easy transporting. Wet and frozen foods should be given out before moving, but if you must move with them, ensure that they are properly wrapped or packaged to prevent spills.

Follow this ultimate guide to pack your kitchen like a pro when moving. Not only will it save you a lot of stress and time, but also make it easy for you to access and arrange kitchen items in your new home quickly.

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