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What to Leave Behind When Moving - 10 Top Tips

When moving between homes, deciding on what and what not to pack can easily fray your nerves and take you off schedule. Although we all long for a clutter-free home, letting go of certain items can be so difficult, which is why it is important to know which of your possessions to leave behind when moving. Making this tough, yet important, decision ahead of time will not only prevent a lot of the hassle involved in moving, but also save you some of the costs associated with moving supplies and truck trips. The following are some suggestions of things to leave behind when moving.

1. Old Clothing

Leave clothing which you havenโ€™t worn in the last year or two behind, as moving with all of your old clothes is a sure way to create congested closet spaces in your new house.

2. Bathroom Items

Do not move your new home with expired bathroom items or cosmetics. Any bathroom item or cosmetics which you have had for more than 18 months should be left behind when moving.

3. Papers

Papers are heavy and can take up a lot of room in your moving , the truck, and your new space. Destroy any unimportant document and move with only important ones like real estate or financial records.

4. Old Furniture

Furniture is bulky and very heavy to is why you should let some of them go before moving. organizations will be so happy to receive your old furniture, provided they are in usable condition.

5. Garage Junk

The garage is one part of the has a lot of items that you never need. Garage items, especially those you have no use for, are known to clutter houses, and should not make it to your new home.

6. Bedding

The best time to replace the bedding in your home is after a move. Old bedding can be uncomfortable and take up a lot of room in the moving truck, and as such should be left behind.

7. Houseplants

When moving, leave behind your houseplants or find new homes for them. They might not even make it to your new homes, as the truck movements and lack of water can harm or kill them.

8. Leftover Paint

Leftover can paints other heavy items which you should leave behind when moving. The new residents of the house will appreciate having the right paint color to touch up scratches caused when moving.

9. In-Ground Features

Anything which is secured to the ground is not your property and considered real estate, so they should remain with the house even after you move. Things like mailboxes and fire pits should be left in place and not carried to your new home.

10. Warranties

Leave behind warranty paperwork for siding, appliances or replacement you recently remodeled, because these materials have transferable warranties, which remain in place after your relocation.

Purging your home of these things before moving will greatly reduce the amount of time involved in packing your possessions.

It is also a way to ensure a stress-free relocation and enjoy a clutter-free home. And, with A SMART MOVE plastic moving boxes, you can move the rest of your belongings safely to your new home.

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