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How to Pack Fragile Items | A Smart Move | San Diego, CA

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7 Top Tips for Protecting Fragile Items in a Move

Improper packing of household items when moving can cause devastating consequences. In order to prevent moving tragedies from happening, you will need to ensure that all your household items, especially the fragile ones are properly packed. However, packing fragile items requires certain methods and techniques which you may not be familiar with, hence the need for you to learn the proper way to have them packed. Outlined below are some of the top tips and tricks to employ when packing fragile items for your move.

1. Make Use of Small Boxes:

Pack fragile items such as porcelain or glassware into small boxes, to prevent them from moving freely inside boxes. Also, it is important to make use of strong and sturdy boxes for fragile items, to aid easy transportation to your new home. Packing fragile items in large boxes make them prone to damage and make it difficult to carry.

2. Stuff Hollow Items:

To prevent damage to hollow and fragile items like vases, jars, and bowls, it is important to have them stuffed with packing paper or bubble wrap. Stuffing hollow items with packing paper makes them heavy enough to prevent them from easily bumping into one another, or the moving box they are placed in.

3. Wrap Items:

Fragile items can get shattered easily when they are placed together. To prevent them from shattering, you should consider wrapping each item with bubble wrap or packing paper. Fragile items should also be wrapped individually and according to weight and size. pieces such as covers, handle, etc. be wrapped separately in an insulating material.

4. Insulate the Bottom of the Box:

Before you place properly wrapped fragile items into moving boxes, you need to first insulate the bottom of the box. You can use soft materials like towels, bubble wrap or packing paper to insulate the box. Doing this will help to fortify the boxes as well as provide adequate padding for fragile items while they are in transit.

5. Mark All Boxes:

All the boxes containing fragile items should be labeled clearly and properly before they leave your house. Marking such boxes with the word โ€œfragileโ€ will ensure that anyone that handles it will do so with the utmost care. If you fail to label boxes containing fragile items properly, helpers or movers might carry them carelessly, which can lead to their damage.

6. Heavy Items:

Should be placed the Bottom as how you arrange the box containing fragile items when moving can play a huge role in what state they will arrive in. To prevent them from getting crushed or broken, you will need to first place the heaviest items at the bottom before placing less heavy items. Avoid moving boxes, to prevent damage to your fragile items.

7. Tape the Entire Box:

To provide moving boxes with extra strength, you will need to tape the entire box with heavy duty packing tape. Also, ensure that the bottom of the box is properly taped, to prevent fragile items from slipping through. Taping the surface of moving boxes containing fragile items will also prevent them from jiggling.

With these few tips and tricks, you can be confident that your fragile items will arrive at your new home in one piece.

In addition to following these tips, you should also get durable plastic moving boxes, instead of cardboard boxes, to ensure the safety of your items when moving.

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