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Packing Mistakes You Should Avoid | A Smart Move | San Diego, CA

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5 Common Packing Mistake & How To Avoid Them

Moving between homes can be very chaotic if you do not take the time to plan adequately for it. If you fail to prepare ahead of your move, when the day finally arrives, you will become frantic and prone to making many mistakes along the way. One of the easiest and most common mistakes you can make when moving is packing mistakes. To prevent you from making them, here are 5 of the most common packing mistakes you should avoid.

Moving takes time and effort to pull off successfully, so it is easy to make these mistakes, albeit unknowingly, when packing your possessions to move. This is why we have outlined some of the top mistakes you may make when packing, and added tips on how to avoid them.

1. Lack of a Packing Strategy

One mistake people make when moving is not having a packing strategy. The lack of a packing strategy results in many hours of wasted time and resources. Also, it will cause you to eventually pack haphazardly, leaving you with extra work when unpacking. You can avoid making this mistake by designing a packing strategy for each day until your moving day. Fill the days up with defined tasks to be carried out and ensure they are completed before the day runs out.

2. Not Enough Supplies

The abrupt stop in your packing due to packing supplies like moving boxes can be frustrating, especially if you have been on a roll. Running out of supplies means having to dash to the store to buy additional items, taking away from your already limited time and even making it difficult to get back to the you were initially. As a rule of thumb, always give room for excesses when buying or renting supplies just in case you run short.

3. Keeping Junk

Filling your boxes with junk is a waste of space, time, energy and supplies. It also makes packing a lot more difficult than necessary. Before you start the packing process, go through all your things and donate or sell those you no longer need. You can also recycle appropriate items and trash the ones that no longer serve any purpose. This will make room for the important stuff in your box as well as help keep it light.

4. Not Labeling Boxes

Packing your possessions without labeling them is another common mistake people make which you need to avoid. If you do this, you will experience a difficult time in unpacking as you would be unable to determine which items are in what box. Labeling your boxes when packing will give you a clue as to which boxes contain what and thus make it easy to unpack.

5. Over-packing Your Boxes

Boxes that are full to the brim become too heavy for the carrier, which can cause injury to them. It can also cause valuable items to spill and become damaged when they fall out. Boxes should contain just the required load which makes for easy stacking and hauling into the truck. It also helps to ensure that the integrity of your possessions remains intact while in transit.

These are some of the most common packing mistakes you can make when moving, and making a mental note to avoid them can ensure you have a successful and stress-free move.

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