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The Best Packing Supplies for Moving | A Smart Move | San Diego, CA

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The Best Packing Supplies to Use When Moving

As you already know by now, packing and moving into a new home can be such a huge and stressful task, with one of the biggest challenges you’re going to have to face being packing all your possessions in a neat and organized manner. However, just like any other huge job/task, it can suddenly become a lot easier with an effective moving plan and the requisite tools and equipment. Finding the right supplies for packing your things will help save you time and stress, as well as make your move more organized. To ensure a smooth move, the following are 5 of the top must-have packing supplies to use when packing for your move.

1. Moving Boxes

Moving boxes are one of the most important packing supplies you’ll need for your move. You’ll need to get moving boxes, preferably plastic boxes, of various sizes, and pack your possessions into the most suitable box. Ensure that you place the heavier items into smaller boxes, to make them easier to lift. The lightweight items can go into the larger boxes. Avoid overfilling or under-filling the boxes to make them easy to stack and stay in place.

2. Heavy-Duty Packaging Tape

You’ll also need a heavy-duty packaging tape when packing your possessions for moving. This is much better than duct or cello tape because it is made with clear packing tape which is guaranteed to keep moving boxes tightly shut and prevent spills. When taping, make sure you tape only down the middle. You can also put a couple of strips on the side of the box to provide extra support.

3. Bubble Wrap

Bubble wraps are used to keep your fragile items properly packaged and safe from potential damage. It works best for fragile items because it creates a sort of cushion between the item itself and any external situation outside the box. Bubble wraps can also be used to line the insides of moving boxes, to prevent items inside the box from bumping into one another.

4. Markers

Permanent markers are another must-have packing supply, used to label moving boxes. They’re one of the most versatile packing supplies for moving, so it would do you good to have enough supply of it at hand. It is recommended that you buy the high-quality ones you can find so that your labels can be seen clearly. Also, use red markers to label boxes which contain fragile items and those which require specific instructions like “DO NOT PLACE ANYTHING ON TOP OF THIS BOX.”

5. Box Cutter

A box cutter can come in handy when you need to open up an already taped moving box. The alternative would be to rip off the tape from the box, which can be tedious to you and damaging to the box, which is why a box cutter is another must-have packing supply. It can be used to make clean cuts to remove tapes and also make it easy for boxes to be resealed. It can also be used to cut through tapes on boxes faster when unpacking.

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