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Why You Shouldn't use Cardboard Boxes | A Smart Move | San Diego, CA

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5 Reasons You Shouldn't use Cardboard Boxes

With all the hassle and expenses involved in moving, many people simply do not have the time or energy to think about their moving box strategy. They also do not see the reason why they have to shell out hard earned cash for quality moving boxes when they can make use of grocery store or cardboard boxes. However, cardboard boxes are not ideal for moving your belongings when relocating.

Although cardboard boxes may seem to save you some money when moving; in reality, they cost you time and money. They are very difficult to move efficiently and may come undone or pose unforeseen challenges for you on your moving day. There are various reasons why you shouldn’t use cardboard boxes for your next move, and 5 of them are highlighted below.

1. Time Consuming

Cardboard boxes are very time-consuming because they take your already limited time to assemble and disassemble them during and after your move. Considering that you have such a limited amount of time to pack, move and unpack, cardboard boxes can pose additional time constraints when you use them. Even after use, you need time to have them properly disposed of.

2. They Do Not Stack Well

Stacking moving boxes is a very efficient way of transporting your possessions because of the amount of space utilized. Moving trucks already have limited space which you need to maximize fully by stacking boxes. Cardboard boxes, however, do not stack well in higher quantities which results in making more trips than necessary.

3. Weak

Cardboard boxes are made of light materials which make them weak and unable to accommodate heavy items. When loaded with heavy items, they are prone to folding, crumbling or tearing which can damage your properties. They can also absorb moisture from the environment, which encourages the growth of molds on them.

4. Environmental Hazard

Due to the tendency for cardboard boxes to tear and crumble, they are only used once and need to be disposed after. When disposed of, they create wastes which clog up landfills which is reductive in this age where caring for our environment is important. Even when recycled, recycling facilities use unnatural resources to process used cardboard boxes, which can affect the quality of the water we drink and the air we breathe.

5. Proper Disposal after Use

If you use cardboard boxes for your move, you get burdened with the task of getting rid of them after use. After your move, cardboard boxes are usually messy looking and untidy which means you have to dispose of them or find ways to store them neatly. This can be quite irritating, as no one wants to deal with the task of disposing cardboard boxes after a stressful move.

To avoid these moving disasters associated with cardboard boxes, you should use the more beneficial plastic moving boxes for your next move. Unlike cardboard boxes, plastic boxes can be reused many times over, and do not come with any of the issues outlined above, thereby making them the best for your next move.

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