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How to Prepare Your Home for Guests | A Smart Move | San Diego, CA

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Preparing Your Home For Guests

The holidays are just around the corner, which means your home will be filled with holiday guests very soon. Holidays are a great time to bring back those old family traditions and also make some great memories with your loved ones. However, in order to ensure that this year’s holiday is special for everyone involved, you will need to prepare your home to make it as comfortable as possible for your guests. To make your home more accommodating for guests, the following are some tips you should follow.


Get Rid of Junk


Before your guests arrive, you need to ensure that your home is free of junk. Rooms filled with junk or unwanted items make it difficult for guests to feel at home and welcome. Therefore, it is important that you rid your house of junk before they arrive. Guest rooms, storage spaces, and are known to have lots of junk, so you might want to pay attention to these areas. You can place still useful junk in plastic moving boxes for transportation to charity organization in your community.


Prepare the Guest Rooms


Next, you need to prepare your guest rooms and make sure it is habitable for your guests. Preparing the guest rooms involves little things like ensuring that the rooms are kept neat and tidy, to making sure that there is enough storage space. Also check that light switches, sockets, vents, faucets, and so on are in perfect working conditions. Also, items in the guest room that would not be useful to your guest, but useful to you, can be stored in plastic moving boxes for the duration of your guests stay.


Provide Amenities


Another way to prepare your home for holiday guests is by putting amenities in place, which can make their stay comfortable. Amenities such as extra bedding, pillows, and towels can go a long way in making your guest comfortable. You can go the extra mile to provide other things like phone chargers, extra jackets, perfumes, body lotions, and more. The more amenities you provide, the more comfortable your guests will feel when they are in your house.


Decorate Your House


Decorating your home during the holidays can also make your holiday guests feel welcome. It’s the season to be happy and merry, so you should spread some cheer by decorating your home with holiday decorations. However, when decorating, it is important not to go overboard with holiday decorations, as doing so may be overwhelming to your guests. Therefore, you may want to keep the light and focus on living areas and guest rooms.


Stock Up on Foods & Drinks


Lastly, as the host for this year’s holidays, you need to stock up on foods and drinks for your guests. Depending on the number of days your guests will stay, you might want to stock up on packs of drinks and foods. Also, if you will be having children as guests, you may want to have lots of sweets and candies. When stocking your pantry, remember to plan for extra guests as well, as you can never be too sure of the exact number of guests you will receive.

These are some of the ways to prepare your home for holiday guests this season. Follow them to help your guests feel welcome, and ensure that everyone enjoys the holiday fun and festivities.

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