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What to Pack First When Moving

Lindsay Curtis

5 Items To Pack First When Moving

What to Pack First When Moving

Moving houses or relocation is always an exhausting task. It doesn’t matter if you are moving just down the street or to an entirely new state, country or even continent. When relocating, you’ll be plagued with so many questions, top of which is, “Where do you start packing, or what do you pack first?” 

It’s a tough question because one look at all you’ve gathered over the years that you have to pack, even if you’re a minimalist, can be overwhelming. Nonetheless, there are solutions for all problems, and this is no exception. To help reduce the burden of moving, we’ve compiled a list of what you should pack first when moving house.

#1: Items in Storage

You most likely already have some items tucked away in storage boxes in your garage or closets. Given that they are already packed up in boxes, it’s an excellent place to start packing. You can bring out everything you have in storage, separate what you wouldn’t need in your new home from the bulk, and arrange the others in preparation for your move.

#2: Ornamental Dishes, Chinaware, and Other Rarely Used Kitchen Items

We understand you love your ornamental dishes, silverware, and chinaware. However, since you are moving, you’ll not be needing them for any immediate use. We are certain you are not planning to host a fancy dinner in the middle of your relocation, so you can pack them up first, leaving only the basic necessities. When packing these items, ensure they are correctly labeled as fragile, so they are handled with care. Also, they should be wrapped in bubble wrap or paper to keep them from breaking in the course of transit.

#3: Wall Decorations and Art Pieces

For many people, wall decorations, family portraits, and art pieces are the last things they pack. However, they are easy to forget, which is why packing them first is a great idea. We understand that these items hold sentimental values to you, and taking them off so early would make your space a lot more impersonal. The good news is, you’ll have all the space in your new home to hang these personal items.

#4: Books and Magazines

Let’s face it; you wouldn’t be reading your favorite thriller or magazine when you are swamped up in moving chores. So, since your books wouldn’t be in use while moving and they are very easy to pack, it makes sense to pack them first. If you love your books as much as we do, you will take care in packing them to keep them from damages such as tears or spillages. You can pack your books safely in our Smart Move plastic boxes with lids that keep water and dust out. Our smaller Grey boxes are ideal for this task.

#5: Out of Season Clothing Items

If it’s winter, it’s most likely your summer dresses, and flip-flops are already packed up in boxes, and if it’s summer, vice versa. With these items already packed and not in use, packing them first is always in order as you’ll not need them anytime soon. Plus, they most likely are already arranged so, starting with them ensures you don’t get overwhelmed from the very start.

Now that you know what to pack first, all you need is a moving box to pack them in. A Smart Move offers quality plastic moving boxes that aren’t only durable but also affordable. You can place an order or call us on 858-790-8394 for more information.


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