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Zero Waste Tips for Moving

Lindsay Curtis

5 Ways To Produce Less Waste When Moving Houses

Zero Waste Tips for Moving

When it comes to moving houses, generating a lot of waste is almost inevitable. For one, there are all of the things you hoarded over the years, thinking you’ll need them some days, but now you have to trash because you can’t take them to your new home. Then, there are the items and equipment that need repairs you are not willing to make. Not to mention all the waste generated from the packing materials.  Given the importance of proper waste management today, how do you maintain zero waste in the chaos of moving? Here are some helpful zero waste tips for moving.  

5 Tips For A Zero Waste Move

1. Take Only What You Need

Ask yourself, how many times have you said, “I will probably be needing this,” and never got around to needing that? As humans, many of us like to hoard items, even when they are old and outdated. As you plan to move, to maintain zero waste, you should take only what is necessary. Those clothes, shoes, toys, plates, pans, and gadgets you’ve not used in years should not move with you to your new home. You’ll need the extra space to breathe.

2. Donate Items You No Longer Need

After you’ve sorted items and separated them into groups of what you still need and what you don’t, you can donate. Donation is an excellent way to maintain zero waste as items that may constitute waste to you could be valuable to the next person. For the donations, you can call up family and friends to come pick up what would be useful to them, or you could give them to charity. Items great for donation include old baby clothes, outgrown toys, abandoned electronic devices, excessive pots, and pans.

3. Sell Off Items for Cash

Well, cash is never wasted, so how about you convert your waste to cash? When you declutter, there are items you’ll see that you no longer have use for but are too valuable to give out for free. Do not feel guilty. Everyone has some of those items, and we understand. For valuable items, selling is an excellent option to maintain zero waste. If you are cash strapped and need all the money you can get, you can forget donations all together and have your old items sold off. You can do this through a garage sale or online sales.

4. Make Plans For Your Perishables Before Moving

You may not be able to finish your food before moving, and you wouldn’t be able to move them from your old house to the new one. So, what do you do with them? Well, if you are not moving very far off, you could speak to your neighbors, friends, and families to help you store your perishables in their freezers and fridges. Where that is impossible because of distance, you should consider giving them out instead of throwing them away.

5. Use Plastic Smart Moving Boxes

In place of cardboard boxes that you have to secure with tape, why not choose plastic smart moving boxes with lids? If you choose a cardboard box when moving, you’ll have to figure out ways to dispose of or store them. Either way, it would become a waste. However, plastic moving boxes such as ours are environmentally friendly, and you don’t have to worry about disposing them. When you rent our plastic moving boxes, not only do we deliver them, we also pick them up after you’re done moving, and ensure they are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized for the next use.

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