Rave Reviews

  The first time we worked with Robin her living situation meant she had to move unexpectedly, however 2 years later she was ready to purchase a new home and we were there to help her again. We just love growing with our customers! For her move she choose our most popular package of 50 boxes for 2 weeks. This is what Robin had to say:

"Great service! I've used A SMART MOVE a couple times now. There's never any leftover cardboard, no packing tape, and the boxes are really durable so nothing ever breaks. I would definitely recommend A SMART MOVE to anyone that wants a stress-free move."


Adrian was one of our clients who phoned up and needs the boxes ‘immediately’. We often get clients like this and try to help everybody where we can. We were able to deliver the same day so as to make Adrian’s move much easier for him. For his family, he choose 50 boxes & wardrobe boxes for 2 weeks. This is what Adrian had to say:
"A Smart Move worked out quite well for our move! Response and box delivery & pick up was excellent. Boxes were ordered last minute, and Lindsay able to drop off half the order same day (NOTE: I probably got a little lucky on my delivery response, as it certainly depends on they're delivery/pick-up schedule, but in any case they are very helpful and accommodating).
As other reviewers have mentioned, they boxes are a good size for most items, (DVD players, home entertainment systems, clothes, blenders, dishes and glasses, books, etc. all fit with ease, (However, these aren't "large totes" so if you have larger items, you may have to find some other packaging means...). But all in all, the sturdiness and 'stackablity' of these totes was a great way to move. Stack 5-6 of these and line them up in your front room or garage makes transferring them to the truck is super easy... AND THEY PROVIDE YOU WITH A WHEELED FURNITURE MOVER to make moving stacks of totes quick and easy.
They also rent Wardrobe Boxes (3) boxes for 2 weeks was $15, which is cheaper than buying some as far as I found), which I don't they advertise too much, so you might have ask about them."
Tara and her family were one of our very first clients and we have had the pleasure of helping them move 3 times. When Tara first contacted us, she explained that her husband was abit apprehensive but was going along with her wishes ‘ happy wife happy life!’. The minute they knew they had to move again, not only did he ask his wife to call us, but the day of their move, called us up and ordered another 25, which we delivered 2 hours later. Third time Tara called & went straight for the 75 box package for 2 weeks. This is what Tara said after the second move:
"Love these boxes!! This is our second move using A Smart Move boxes! Forget the environmental savings, which are absolutely fantastic. These make packing & moving so much easier & more efficient. Moving companies love them...they make things so much faster. They are so sturdy, protect everything perfectly. Lindsay is so helpful & flexible. When we realized we were going to run out of boxes on the morning of our move, she came within an hour to bring more! She even gave us a few extra days to unpack. Moving sucks, but these boxes make it the best it can be. I wish I could say we weren't planning to move again, but I can say, we won't move with out these boxes! What a great experience! From dropoff to pickup, A Smart Move was the easiest part of our move."   


Jesse - Realtor - We first met Jesse when he interviewed Lindsay on Real Talk San Diego. Jesse had used A SMART MOVE for his clients, but now it was time to use us for himself. Lindsay suggested 50 boxes for 2 weeks for their move and after some discussion, Jesse’s wife agreed with some hesitation, not thinking that they would use the 50. Not only did they use them all, they even called up for additional boxes!! This is what Jesse had to say:
"A Smart Move is a great way to eliminate one of the biggest headaches in the moving process. They show up, you fill em up, they come get em when youre done. no more dealing with boxes (and what to do with them after, too) again. HUGE!"