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Terms and Conditions

  1. Rental goods remain the property of A SMART MOVE at all times.
    a. Equipment Rented; You (the ‘Customer’), agree to rent the EQUIPMENT you will receive upon delivery which includes boxes and possibly dollies but not any other related packing material purchased from A SMART MOVE.

  2. During the continuance of the rental period, which shall commence from time of delivery and end when the goods are recollected from site, the customer shall be responsible for the safe keeping and maintenance of the goods.
  3. Any damage caused to rental goods will be the responsibility of the customer and a $30 surcharge will be levied per box.
  4. The company will make every effort to effect deliveries and collection delay.
  5. For an additional fee of 10% of the total rental, A SMART MOVE, agrees to waive claims for normal wear and tear damage to boxes including incidental damage. The optional Damage Waiver does not cover loss, gross negligence egregious damage, such as tears, burn marks, punctures and stains. Damage Waiver must be signed and paid for prior to the delivery of the boxes.
  6. The cost to repair damaged Equipment or the replacement cost for equipment not returned will be charged to the Customers credit card.  Any unpaid rent may also be charged to the Customers credit card.  The replacement costs charged will be as follows:  Bins - $30.00 & Dollies - $150.00. Any outstanding charges will be recovered by legal means & client will be responsible for all additional costs that this may entail.
  7. Boxes cannot be rented to a third party.
  8. Each additional week that the boxes are kept will be charged at a reduced rate.  Additional rentals are by the week, not part week.
  9. The company reserves the right to substitute alternative goods subject to availability, subject to client’s approval.
  10. All rental charges quoted are for the initial rental period agreed and no reductions or refunds will be made after the commencement of the chargeable period.
  11. Once orders are confirmed by A SMART MOVE, all orders are non-refundable and cannot be canceled by Client  at any point, nor may quantities or sizes be changed unless expressly agreed upon by A SMART MOVE.
  12. Cancellation is required within 5 working days of expected delivery, otherwise you will still be charged the full amount.
  13. Credit Card Charges Subject to 4% Fee.
  14. If any Personal Checks are not cleared, then a $25 administration charge will be added.
  15. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that adequate access is provided to the company both upon delivery and upon collection of rental goods, and to ensure that such goods are available for collection at the appointed time. Failure to provide timely and adequate access may result in additional delivery charges. An adult over 18 years of age must be present to receive and return the boxes.
  16. Any delays caused to the company upon delivery and/or collection and any additional journeys that may result will be subject to additional charges.
  17. Credit facilities will not be offered on rental contracts.
  18. Payment in part or in full of any contract to supply goods/or services herein referred to shall be deemed to mean acceptance in full of these terms and conditions.
  19. Any extra charges incurred such as tolls or meter parking charges, will be paid by the customer.
  20. Any unreturned items will be charged at $30.00 per box &  $150.00 per dolly.
  21. Certain orders may be subject to full or partial payment prior to delivery.
  22. Upon accounting to the customer for any balance outstanding, the company will be discharged from all liability whatever in respect of the goods.
  23. The company shall be relieved of its obligation to perform any contract to the extent that the performance is prevented by failure of the customer fire, weather conditions, industrial dispute, labor disturbance or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of the company. 
  24. No employee of the company, whilst in the course of his or her duties, shall be held separately responsible under any circumstances whatsoever for any liability for loss, damage or other default outside his or her reasonable control. 
  25. No Warranties; I acknowledge that A SMART MOVE, shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by the property, by an inadequacy of the property of any defect in the property, or by an incident in connection with the property.
  26. The customer shall be deemed to have breached this Agreement if the customer a) Defaults in any payments as set forth in the Customers order form, b) Defaults in any of the terms herein and such default shall continue uncorrected for five (5) days after written notice hereof to Customer by A SMART MOVE or c) becomes insolvent or files for bankruptcy.
  27. In the event of any default, A SMART MOVE may declare the entire amount of unpaid rental payments immediately due and payable and A SMART MOVE may immediately terminate this agreement.  Customer will pay all costs and expenses to recover equipment and/or rental fees, including court costs and legal fees incurred in execution of this section
  28. ASSUMPTION OF RISK/INDEMNIFICATION Customer expressly agrees to assume responsibility for himself, his employees, agents and assigns. Customer agrees to assume the risk of and hold A SMART MOVE, harmless for property damage and personal injuries caused by the items and/or arising out of dealer’s negligence. Customer shall indemnify, defend and hold A SMART MOVE, harmless from any claims of third party for loss, injury and damage to their persons and/or property arising out of customers’ possession, use, maintenance or return of items, including legal costs incurred in defense of same.
  29. DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTIES AND LIMITATION OF LIABILITY (General) Customer rents the items on an as is basis. Customer acknowledges that he has personally inspected the items prior to its leaving his/her possession and finds it suitable for his/hers needs. Dealer makes NO WARRANTIES, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED INCLUDING IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTIBILITY OR FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Renter’s sole remedy for any failure or defect of the items shall be the termination of rental charges at the time of failure, provided that written notice of termination is immediately given to dealer and the items are returned to dealer within 24 hours after such failure or defect.
  30. The Client gives permission that any photos or video taken, or that any reviews written on public forums may be used by A SMART MOVE in future advertising, marketing or PR purposes & they would be willing to speak to third parties for verification.