Adrian R - 50 boxes, 2 weeks, 1500 sq ft


A Smart Move worked out quite well for our move! Response and box delivery & pick up was excellent. Boxes were ordered last minute, and Lindsay able to drop off half the order same day (NOTE: I probably got a little lucky on my delivery response, as it certainly depends on they're delivery/pick-up schedule, but in any case they are very helpful and accommodating). As other reviewers have mentioned, they boxes are a good size for most items, (DVD players, home entertainment systems, clothes, blenders, dishes and glasses, books, etc. all fit with ease, (However, these aren't "large totes" so if you have larger items, you may have to find some other packaging means...). But all in all, the sturdiness and 'stackablity' of these totes was a great way to move. Stack 5-6 of these and line them up in your front room or garage makes transferring them to the truck is super easy... AND THEY PROVIDE YOU WITH A WHEELED FURNITURE MOVER to make moving stacks of totes quick and easy. They also rent Wardrobe Boxes (3) boxes for 2 weeks was $15, which is cheaper than buying some as far as I found), which I don't they advertise too much, so you might have ask about them.

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