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5 Top Tips for Packing For a Move!

One of the reasons why you have been putting off your move is probably because you are not yet mentally prepared to pack. Packing for many people is as much an annoying chore for them as it is for you, so you are not alone. Having to decide what items you should move with, the ones to leave behind and those which you are undecided about can cause packing anxiety, which will lead you to procrastinate yet again.

Top 5 Hacks to Help You Pack for Your Move

However, with just the right information at your disposal, packing for your move can move from that annoying chore to a pleasant and stress-free one. Outlined below are top 5 super useful packing hacks for moving, which will help reduce your packing anxiety and encourage you to start packing.

1. Organize a Yard Sale

To reduce the number of things you have to pack to your new space, you can plan a yard sale and sell items you have not used in years. This is a great way to reduce your possessions to allow easy packing, as well as get some extra cash for moving expenses. Since you do not need most of the items up for sale, be sure to make your prices below normal to encourage people to buy them.

2. Rent Moving Boxes

If you decide to fit all your household items into cardboard moving boxes, you will be putting your belongings at risk and spending a lot of money. To reduce your overall costs, you can rent plastic moving boxes for less than half the price you will spend buying them. Companies, such as A SMART MOVE, which rent out these boxes usually have them properly cleaned. Thus, you do not have to worry about placing your precious items in unclean boxes. Furthermore, using plastic moving boxes more durable than cardboard boxes, so the safety of your belongings is guaranteed.

3. Have a Moving Toolbox

Spending time looking for one moving to another can make you abandon your packing midways. However, if you have a moving toolbox, you can ensure that you never have to give up precious hours looking for things like tapes and markers. The moving toolbox containing all the essential moving supplies will make it easy for you to locate them when you need them.

4. Invite Friends

Instead of facing the stress of packing all by yourself, you can invite your friends over for a packing/moving party, and have them help you reduce the work. Enlisting the help of your family and friends is a fun way to pack your things for moving. This way, you can be done packing all your possessions within a day or two. Be sure to encourage your friends by providing drinks, food and maybe music to lighten the mood of the atmosphere.

5. Take Breaks

Packing for a move can overwhelm almost everyone. However, you can make the process less tasking by taking breaks in between. Taking breaks refreshes your body and mind, which can prevent you from burning out when packing. You can also decide to pack in stages, to make it less stressful. A stage per day will have you well paced out and likely to see the process through.

There’s no doubt that packing for a move can be stressful. However, with these top hacks, you can reduce the amount of stress you face and have the process move like a breeze. Practice them when next you are moving and see how easy they make packing your belonging.

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