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How to Dispose of Hazardous Waste | A Smart Move | San Diego, CA

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Top 5 Ways to Dispose of Hazardous Waste Before Moving

The process of sorting through household items before you move will have you unearthing things you will have to leave behind or throw out. While some of such things will be old, broken, or obsolete items, others would be hazardous wastes which are quite dangerous to move with and have to be disposed of with care.

How to Dispose of Hazardous Items before Moving

Hazardous waste, such as cleaning supplies, old paints, gasoline, garden chemicals, etc., are dangerous to humans and the environment, and so should not be disposed of carelessly. Thus, it is important that you know how to properly dispose of them before you move, to avoid accidents. Explained below are the steps you can take to dispose your hazardous waste properly before moving.

1. Research Hazardous Waste Laws

Before you can properly dispose of any hazardous wastes, you need to first research the rules and laws regarding hazardous waste disposal in the country or state you reside in. Different countries and states have different rules, so you should know the legalities governing where you reside before you take any step. To get a head start, you can try searching for “rules and regulations regarding hazardous wastes in (insert your country/state).”

2. Read Product Packing

Hazardous materials like cleaning supplies come with instructions on how to properly dispose of them on their product packaging or label. Read them carefully to find the proper ways to dispose of such hazardous materials. Although many of them will not provide you with specifics on exactly how to go about it, you may learn important information regarding safe disposal. For instance, the label may inform you of substances which should not come in contact with the material and more.

3. Arrange a Home Pick-up

Another way to properly dispose of hazardous waste is to schedule a home pick up with your local waste management company. If they offer home pickups, you can expect them at your home, to collect your hazardous wastes, for proper disposal. It is important to get clarification on how to store and sort these wastes for pickup, to ensure that no accidents occur before the waste managers arrive.

4. Make a Drop-Of

If your local waste management company do not offer home pickups for your hazardous waste, the alternative would be to drop them off at a designated location. Ask for the location of the drop-off as well as the day and time of the month to make the drop. Also, find out if all your hazardous wastes can be dropped off at once, or if you would need to make separate drop-off for different wastes. Make sure you use a durable container, such as a plastic moving box, for the drop of.

5. Donate

Hazardous materials which you consider to be a waste may be useful to others. Any hazardous material you think may be of use to people in need of them should be donated rather than destroyed or confiscated. Materials such as paints can be donated to any of the local charities within your community, to help them remodel their facilities. Fertilizers, as well, can be donated to the local farm, rather than having it destroyed.

Hazardous items are often on the prohibited list of moving items and can be deadly when improperly disposed of. Therefore, to prevent accidents from occurring, it is important that you utilize the above steps to dispose of them.  

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