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How to Move Your Office Without Hassle | A Smart Move | San Diego, CA

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How to Move Your Office Without Hassle

Moving between office spaces can have a transformative effect on businesses, whether big or small. A new office space can be exciting for your business, as it provides you with room to grow and create, and offers more control over your business and its environment. However, it is also a major project which needs careful planning, especially if you have never had to organize a move before.

Like any other major tasks, moving your office can be broken down into a series of simple tasks, which can make the entire move so much easier. To ensure you have a hitch-free relocation project, outlined below are some of the essential things you need to consider when moving your office.

1. Moving Plan

When moving your office, a moving plan can help you reduce the amount of stress you have to undergo and also prevent costly mistakes from happening. Your moving plan comprising of intelligent use of documents, checklists and spreadsheets should include tasks which need to be completed, and also steps you need to take to accomplish them. Your plan can be a roadmap for your move, containing chunks of activities.

2. Timing of the Move

Another thing you need to consider when moving your office is the exact timing of the move. Plan the move carefully, as you might not have enough flexibility as to the best moving dates. It is important to remember that your business still has to serve its clients, no matter how sparingly during the moving process so avoid planning your move when your business is at its busiest because it can have a significant impact on your business/sales

3. Deadline for Moving

Setting a deadline or a couple of deadlines for your move will help you get tasks done more efficiently. A deadline in place will prevent you from lazing around or procrastinating. It will also make every other person involved in the moving process work to beat the deadline. When setting a deadline, try to include some leeway to prevent overworking/burnouts which can set the moving process some couple of days back.

4. Office Stakeholders

In some states, The Information & Consultation of Employees Regulations 2004 states that any changes which directly involve your staff should be discussed with them. When moving your office, ensure to engage every one of your staff which you need to, including regulators, unions, board members, department heads, team members and parent companies.

5. New Office Space

Lastly, you need to consider the office space you are moving to. Determine if you will need new furniture for your new space, or your old furniture will do. Also, make an inventory of all the things you want to take to the new space and the ones you need to buy. You should also check for security and see if you need to hire your own security company.

Moving to a new office space can be stressful, but if you consider these things during your move, you are sure to enjoy an organized and easy moving process.

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